Brexit Updates!

30/10/2021 UPDATE: Hey, so this is a kind of Brexit/Supply Chain update regarding our Middleby brands, which includes Lincat, Pitco, & IMC. At present these brands are operating on a ‘manufacture to order’ basis and can not currently hold any stock. This is resulting in lead times of 6-8 weeks for any of these products, as opposed to the 1-2 weeks stated on the product on our site. This is an unavoidable situation which has been caused by a number of reasons. We will let you know when these Brands start to hold stock again but presently it is looking like Q3 2022.

14/01/2021 UPDATE: Hello again. We are now in a position where all of our UK Based Brands are available again from the webshop. The only remaining issue now is the severe delays in shipping times due to Customs Celarance issues. So if you are ordering any products from the UK please allow a 2-3 week delivery period.

Also please note again that all of our ‘Next Day Delivery’ products have not been affected by BREXIT.

13/01/2021 UPDATE: Hi all, we can now add the Pitco Brand back on the available list.  This still leaves Middleby, Vestfrost, Blizzard, & Interlevin to sort out. If you are interested in any of these products please send us an email and we can get you a price for them. Unfortunately there is still severe delays in shipping from UK to Ireland. So please allow up to 3 weeks if ordering any of these products.

Please be assured that we have many, many items that are not affected by Brexit and delivery times and prices are not affected. We would source approx 10% of our products from UK companies and the remainder would be all EU Companies.

07/01/2021 UPDATE: Please bear with us as we are working hard to get our UK Based Products available again, we can now add to the available brands Valentine,  & Far East Catering. This leaves Pitco, Middleby, Vestfrost, Blizzard, & Interlevin to be sorted.

The is also currently severe delays in shipping from the UK due to a technical issue on the revenue site, hopefully this will be rectified ASAP.

06/01/2021 UPDATE: We are please to announce that all of our Lincat branded products are now available for purchase again.

05/01/2021: Although we have thankfully made a deal there is still  uncertainty regarding prices and delivery times for our UK based brands. This uncertainty should be sorted out in the next week or so. Until this time the following list of Brands, and some other items, will not be available. We do apologize for this inconvenience but it could not be avoided due to the late stage the agreement was made.

  • Lincat
  • Blizzard
  • Valentine
  • Pitco
  • Middleby
  • Far East
  • Vestfrost
  • Interlevin

We can also assure you that these products will become available again in the next couple of weeks once there is certainty on price and delivery times.

Best Regards,

Caterbox Team