Far East CE Wok Cookers

Far East CE Wok Cookers:

Founded in 1983 and serving the world for three decades

Wok stands for the special deep iron frying pan and the wok cooker is the high flame gas burner that is widely used in the fast-food industry especially in Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The high flame of wok cookers enables different types of heating effects which leads to the preparation of the food in minutes while preserving its nutrients value. We at Caterbox supply quality wok cookers manufactured by Far East company. Far East company was established by Fergus Liu and Tommy Cheung who came to open some of the UK’s first Chinese restaurants and initially sold catering equipment to the Chinese takeaway and restaurant industry.

Far East catering equipment is CE safety certified and quality monitored by BSI, then installed and maintained by our Gas Safe Register engineers. Throughout the 1980s, Far East gained experience in commercial kitchen design, planning permission, and kitchen vent/extract systems. It also introduced American-style takeout packaging to the UK with its VIP boxes.

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