Horto Herb, Salad, & Sprout Grow Cabinet

The potatoes were a huge success

Lockdown No.1

As a business owner I used all that time in “Lockdown No.1” reflecting, reading, and assessing what we were doing in business, and more broadly, in my own life. We made huge changes in our business and as a result of that, I have managed to balance my own work/life a lot better.

The ‘life’ end of the balance got me out to my garden. I got hands dirty in the soil attempting to grow potatoes, chives, leeks, radishes, and beetroot with varying success. My potatoes were a huge success, the chives were good too. The rest, not so good.


The whole process, from planting to harvest, gave me a newfound understanding of the circle of growth which we exist in, and how life is so connected. This connection, as we now know, can be deadly when it comes to a certain virus. But mainly it is truly magical. And now on to the Hydroponic Grow Cabinet.

The Cabinet

The Horto Hydroponic Grow Cabinet is a way to bring this magic into your business and share it with your customers. It can grow salad, herbs, and sprouts in a perfectly controlled environment. This gives you a quality of product which can not be bought. Along with this, there is also big savings to be made in comparison with buying your herbs and sprouts fully grown. The real beauty of it is that you don’t need green fingers to use this cabinet. All you have to do is put the pods in, load a program, and the grow cabinet will do the rest.

Seed Pods HORTO Pods for HORTO GrowerTomato Horto4 Black Herb Growing Cabinet Hydroponic

With the ‘Grow your Own’ narrative now in full swing this product will also enhance your business in many ways. The quality of your food, the visual front of house aspect, and your bottom line when purchasing your herbs etc..

Book a live demo today to see this unit in action. You can also sample the produce from our working cabinet in Kinsealy, Dublin.

Gary Broaders