Pumped Filtration Fryers, The Benefits

There is more than one benefit of investing in  pumped filtration fryers. It enhances the life of the oil by almost 50%, improves the quality of the food, and it helps in terms of saving your precious time and labour in changing oil frequently.

There are several brands that offer the pumped filtration fryer on our site like Valentine, Pitco , and Opus800 from Lincat . All brands offer their individual benefits like price, oil capacity, warranty length,  and increased efficiency. So there are options for most people. For example the Valentine fryer has a much smaller cool zone meaning the tank requires less oil to fill which in turn saves you money.

You know the expression ‘The Rich get Richer and The Poor get Poorer’? Well pumped filtration fryers are a prime example of this, if you have the budget to purchase a pumped filtration fryer you will save money over time running costs, often recouping your initial cost in the first year. If you do not have the budget the cost to run your fryer will be up to 50% more. This can equate to 1000’s per year if you are using a lot of oil and labour.

Lincat is one of the most reputed brand in the world of commercial kitchens. The Lincat Opus range pumped filtration fryers come with a mesh and a filter which are easy to use for filtering the oil and few push buttons for pumping back in to the tank. Check out this video by Lincat and see how easy and beneficial it is to use. The principal of pumped filtration in this video would also apply to the other brands mentioned in this blog.

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