Bottene Ravioli Making Machine BE90

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Bottene BE90 Ravioli machine with double pasta sheet and interchangeable moulds. With this machine it is possible to produce different ravioli shapes.

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0.8mm Sheet 90mm Wide (+€135.00)
AV90 Ravioli Sheet Roller (+€985.00)
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If you are serious about your pasta and want to make enough of it to meet demand then the Bottene counter fresh automatic ravioli maker BE90 is the ideal machine for you.

Hard-wearing and easy to use, it is indispensable for anyone wanting to make ravioli with any ingredient they like: durum wheat semolina, soft wheat, whole wheat, with or without eggs, & vegetable colorants.

It will be possible for you to make supreme fresh ravioli at a fraction of the cost and serve your customer pasta with an original aroma and flavor.

Once you’ve made your ravioli, you can cook it right away, or freeze it for later. When you do cook it, give it about four minutes in salted boiling water, taste it, and keep checking in one-minute increments until the pasta is al dente.

  • Bottene counter fresh automatic ravioli maker is supplied with 1 x standard mold BE90
  • Power: 0.18 kW motor
  • Mold type: variable
  • Production: 50/150 ravioli per minute
  • Highly durable
  • Overall Dimensions: 400 mm Wide x 260 mm Deep x 660 mm High

The pasta sheet used with this ravioli machine can be produced with any of our pasta machines and can be ordered on special request.

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Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 400 × 260 × 660 mm



Pasta for all tastes Bottene have been making fresh pasta making machines since 1875. They later extended their range for the restaurant sector offering top quality, hard wearing and easy to use products.

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