Mareno150 Litre Gas Boiling Pan NPX98G1X

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The Mareno Gas Boiling Pan is an extremely useful piece of commercial catering equipment for the production of large amounts of soup or stock. Model available with direct or indirect heat(see options)

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Autoclave Lid for Pressure Cooking(A) (+€600.00)
1 meter 1/2" Quick Release Gas hose (+€125.00)
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The Mareno gas boiling Pan is an extremely useful piece of commercial catering equipment because it can help in the production of large amounts of soup or stock.  It is ideal for large canteens, hospitals, & hotels.

  • Filling with hot or cold water through solenoid valve activated by a switch, fixed water tap located on top.
  • 2″ safety drain tap with grip in a heat-proof material.
  • Counter-balanced lid with 90° opening and handle offering front and side grip
  • The gas boiling pan has thick insulating panels for the thermal insulation of the kettle.
  • Energy regulated temperature control
  • The diameter of the kettle is 600 mm.
  • Soups, sauces, & stock can be easily poured into bowls or containers using the 2″ safety drain tap. This takes out any heavy, and unsafe, lifting of pots.
  • Overall Tank capacity: 150 liters (140 Liters for Indirect Model) which equates to approximately 330 standard soup servings.
  • Overall dimensions:  800 mm Wide x 870 mm Deep x 900 mm High

Your Options Explained: 

  1. The basic model (NPD98G) has Direct Heating with AISI 304 stainless steel burners positioned outside the kettle.
  2. The Indirect heating model (NPI98G) generates low-pressure steam by filling the jacket with water: this is a safe and easy operation thanks to the pressure gauge, safety valve, and compensating valve. This option allows for the entire pan to be heated evenly and consistently. Also comes with an automatic air vent that accumulates in the jacket during heating. We would recommend this option.
  3. The Autoclave lid models (NPx98G14A) have a lock seal lid allowing you to carry our pressurized cooking for faster cook times
  4. The ‘Automatic Condensed Steam Generator’ option (NPI98G14V) is for the Indirect Heat models, this slows down and regulates the evaporation of water in the jacket which prolongs the life of the machine and also reduces the need to top up the water in the jacket.
  5. The Automatic Water Filler Option (KCA) is also for the Indirect Heat models, this keeps your jacket full of water at all times without the need to top up. This option would be recommended for a business with a high turnover of staff.

View the specs below while you select your model on this webshop

NPD98G15 Direct Heat specs    NPD98G15A Boiling Pan specs

NPI98G14 Indirect Heat specs     NPI98G14V Boiling Pan specs



Mareno kitchens are built for life and designed on first-hand experience, through listening to customers' needs and by working alongside chefs. Mareno is an established brand, well known in Italy and abroad for the quality and reliability of its equipment. Since 1962, they have served three generations of chefs and our modern and innovative style has made us the preferred choice of emerging young professionals. Every detail in a Mareno kitchen is conceived and designed to make your work easier and more efficient. Mareno machines integrate the best technology to ensure reliability and performance. Design makes them ergonomic, convenient and pleasant to use. Up-to-date with evolving culinary styles and with a vocation for innovation, Mareno offers complete solutions for all kinds of catering: hotels, restaurants, large company canteens and quick-service restaurants. Since 1996 Mareno has been part of the Ali Group, the leading global supplier of equipment for the foodservice industry.

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Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 870 × 800 × 900 mm

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