Sharpenset Whetstone Knife Sharpener SWKGM

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“The most dangerous knife is a blunt knife!” Over 30,000 machines sold worldwide, and counting.

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The Sharpenset whetstone knife sharpener is ideal for butchers, meat factories, and busy restaurants. It saves time and keeps your knives as sharp as possible making your job so much easier. With over 30,000 of these units sold worldwide you can trust that it is a reliable product.

A robust, portable, electrically powered, water cooled machine. Constructed of durable aluminium castings, with all exposed parts being completely rustproof. One of the features of this machine is ‘wet grinding’, which prevents grinding dust and does not draw the temper of the steel.

“The most dangerous knife is a blunt knife!” said somebody wise once. If your knife is blunt it takes more pressure to cut through something and this makes it very dangerous to use. By keeping your knifes sharp you will save on labour cost and prevent accidents.

  • Tough, simple and effective machine because of the build quality.
  • Knives are sharpened on a flat surface making it easy for even the novice knife sharpener.
  • A constant stream of water also ensures there is no dust and no burn, which will reduce the life of the blade.
  • The Sharpenset Whetstone Knife Sharpener is the most reliable Sharpener on the market today.
  • Water Cooled System – No Burn



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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 300 × 280 × 400 mm