Sous Vide equipment Unstirred Water Bath SVTWB28

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The sous vide equipment SVTWB28 is specially designed keeping in mind the professional chefs. The compact water bath works well even in the smallest kitchens. The 28-liter compact Sous vide equipment comes with touch screen control, with bright blue LED display, for easy visibility across a busy kitchen. The PID controller controls the temperature to within 0.1°C. This accuracy means perfectly cooked food time after time. Drain Location is located at the front for easy drainage. The natural convection method helps in the circulation of the heat for uniform preparation. 5 minute to 99-hour timer with audible beeping at the end of the cycle in order to avoid overcooking and leave the chef for other preparations. Removable lid with rubber seal minimises evaporation and helps maintain water temperature. Supplied with six easily movable stainless steel partitions to allow separation during the cooking process, promoting portion control

  • Total Power kW 0.6, 230 volt
  • Plug & Play: 2.61 amp
  • Temperature Range °C 35-90
  • Timer Range mins 5min – 99hours 59mins
  • Capacity Litres 28
  • Splash-proof keypad
  • Dimensions: 600 mm Deep x 335 mm Wide x 540 mm High
  • Dimensions: 497 mm Deep x 294 mm Wide x 174 mm High

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Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 60 × 34 × 54 mm


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