Infrico Dry-Aging Meat Cabinet AMC Series AMCX7XXL

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Dry ripening is a dry-aging technique for meat with controlled temperature and humidity. In Infrico dry-aging meat cabinet, with the maturation in dry, the meat in 5-8 weeks loses from 10% to 20% of the liquids. This process concentrates the flavors giving the meat a unique flavor. The dry-aged showcase works in a field of +2°C +6°C with controlled humidity of 45% to 80%. Infrico dry-aging meat cabinet is designed for the dry-aging meat in (+2ºC to +6ºC), with a ventilated cooling system. SOFT TOUCH thermostat with 2.8-inch graphic display and touch screen, humidity control standard. The equipment has a double meat bar with stainless steel hooks and three inox shelves. Manufactured in triple glazing without aluminum profiles except for the door in double glazing, it has treatment to avoid UVA rays.

  • Lighting with double LED strip
  • Temperature range: +2°C to +6°C @ 30°C
  • Humidity loss: 10% to 20% in 5-7 weeks
  • Controlled humidity: 45% to 80%.
  • Power supply: 900 watts
  • Overall Dimensions: 850 mm Wide x 650 mm Deep x 1900 mm or 2300 mm High

The Infrico dry-aging cabinet is available in two widths of 650 mm and 850 mm,  apart from two heights of 1900 and 2300 mm. They also give an option for only front-side glass or all four-side glass to choose from while you shop on the cart.

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The company has the Certificate of Spanish Origin Certificate (OEC) that certifies that its products are manufactured in Spain, thus becoming the first company in this sector in Spain to achieve this seal after successfully completing its exhaustive audit process. The Production Centers are located in Lucena, in the province of Córdoba, they are one of the most modern industrial facilities in Spain. Three plants have a total area of 160,000 square meters for production, logistics activities, and offices. Technological vanguard, certified quality, and the excellence of its products are the guarantees to support its commitment to innovation and that has positioned it as absolute leaders in commercial refrigeration equipment. Infrico The company offers a very wide range of machinery that covers everything related to cold for the HORECA sector, bakery, pastry, ice cream, catering, and also Supermarket, through its specific line, thanks to cold. Also, the biomedical and laboratory sector, with its prestigious Infrico Medicare line. It has customers around the world and a large share of the national market, the company, which is in a continuous process of growth and expansion, currently has more than five hundred employees spread across 13 delegations in Spain and 16 abroad. In addition, in a firm commitment to stability and social welfare, more than 90% of workers are permanent employees.

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Dimensions 650 × 1900 mm