COVID-19 Updates

6th May, 2020 Hello again, just another quick update for you since the roadmap has been outlined by our government. As it stands there has been no change to operations at Caterbox, most of us are still working from home and carrying out business as normal, as normal can be. With the roadmap now in
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Blast Chilling

Blast chilling is a process to prolong the time of the cooked as well as raw perishable edible items. Though most of the blast chillers have common features and most of the food can be chilled by same technique. However it is highly important to know the basics of do’s and don’ts of the blast
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Blast Chiller/Shock Freezer For Food Preservation In Restaurant Business

In the restaurant business, preserving food for a longer duration is as important as choosing the menu for the customers. Preserving food for longer hours helps the restaurant save money by following ways: A. Waste reduction B. Cost cutting by bulk preparation. C. Preserving the flavor for longer hours. D. Above all, it saves the
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Optimising your CiBO to get a perfect baked Pizza base

CiBO super fast counter top oven has an option to optimise the temperature to get that perfection of the real pizzeria.The CiBO ensures the true crispiness in the pizza in the shortest baking time with special programme to increase and decrease the setup inside to avoid thinning or over blackening of the base.

Robot Coupe R 301 Ultra

R301 Ultra Single phase 3 Machines is nowavailable with us checkout the link below

Choosing the Right Dishwasher for you

Having trouble choosing the right dishwasher for your needs? There are so many for you to choose from and so many options too, if you contact us we can give you some expert advice or see below questions and answers which should point you in the right direction: – How many wash cycles will I
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