The Do’s and Don’ts of Blast Chilling

Blast chilling is a process to prolong the time of the cooked as well as raw perishable edible items. Though most of the blast chillers have common features and most of the food can be chilled by same technique. However it is highly important to know the basics of do’s and don’ts of the blast chilling system.


  1. Always buy the machine big enough to suit the size of the restaurant. A small machine could lead to chaos while queuing the food for blast chilling
  2. Always ask your expert for training before handling the blast chiller to fully know the minute features.
  3. Set the temperature and timings optimum as per your food chilling requirements.
  4. Divide and segregate the food in small portions to get the chilled quickly.
  5. Check moisture of the food because they are important to retain the flavour of the prepare food. Slow blast chilling can perish the moisture easily.
  6. Always check and keep the inside of the blast chiller clean as they may harm the machine in long time.


  1. Do not operate yourself or allow someone to operate the blast chiller unless you are not aware of the specs.
  2. Don’t over fill the blast chiller.
  3. While keeping food for chilling make sure the fans are not blocked
  4. Don’t keep the door opened for a long time.
  5. Do not turn off the blast chiller when the food is kept inside.
  6. Do not transfer the food unless the temperature of the food comes down to the prescribed level.
  7. Do not use the blast chiller if it is impaired or the rubber gaskets are not at place .